How to Connect Samsung Earbuds

Complete the following steps to connect Samsung earbuds: How to Connect Samsung Earbuds

Charge your Samsung earbuds: Open the charging case of Samsung earbuds and place your earbuds in its tree۔ Make sure the battery is fully charged in the charge case۔

Turn on Bluetooth connection: Turn on your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth۔ Go to your device’s Bluetooth preferences and search for Samsung earbuds in the Bluetooth list۔

Connect the Samsung Airbuds: Tap the Samsung Airbuds to the Bluetooth list so they’re ready to connect۔ Turn on to connect the earbuds۔

Connecting scenario: You have to be in teaching mode to connect Samsung earbuds۔ Press the solid button of your Samsung earbuds for a few seconds while you’re ready to fold۔

Connecting Scenario: If in teaching mode, your Samsung earbuds will be ready to maintain a connection to the Bluetooth device۔

Connecting Scenario: When your smartphone or tablet pairs with its Samsung earbuds, you will be satisfied that the two devices are connected۔

Configure previous audio preferences: Go to your device’s audio preferences and configure Samsung AirBuds as your chosen audio mode۔

Your Samsung Airbuds are now connected to your smartphone or tablet۔ You can now enjoy your favorite music and easily use Samsung Airbuds۔

Samsung earbuds come with comfortable and besoirless technology that lets you enjoy your music frankly۔ Their method is very easy to use and keeps you free of wires۔

A battery of Samsung earbuds is usually charged for four to five hours per day inside the charge case۔ You charge them completely so that you can use them for a long time۔

Samsung earbuds keep you frankly happy on every occasion۔ How to Connect Samsung Earbuds Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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